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What a Week that was …..

A week can sometimes feel like a year or more, and this week just gone was one of those. As always, I’m full of the greatest optimism that all will go well, and get into the right frame of mind. Something to do with this “you can’t achieve what your mind cannot conceive” thing.

On Monday, following a protracted referencing process, I agree that a prospective tenant could move in, and she wanted to move in Friday. Then a day or so later, I agree that another tenant could move in move into another property, and all of a sudden, there’s a mountain of paperwork to do. Yikes. The rest of the week then follows a pattern that can only be described as “frustrating” with the usual paperwork, chasing tenants who have “forgotten” to pay or cancelled direct debits, dealing and all that. Then the maintenance calls started to come in. One boiler is leaking water, radiators not heating or leaking, water coming through a ceiling somewhere (damn the rain), another boiler is playing up … its that time of year again, innit?? At the last count, I’m looking at the possibility of having to replace 3 boilers, having just had a whole load of servicing and certification to get the mandatory CP12 for the heating systems. Not to mention the roof fixes that have varied from a hundred pound or so, to nearly eight hundred for another.

As if that wasn’t enough, one tenant failed to pay rent because, as he claimed, his bank closed his account on him!! Oh, yeah!! Pray tell, how and why would the bank close your account without your knowledge?? So, now he’s in rent arrears, and promising to pay asap. Another tenant already in arrears failed to make the promised payment, a couple of others were late paying, and one paid part rent. Though not huge amounts in themselves, it very soon added up to a few thousand!! And each tenant thinks its just a “minor” inconvenience that the landlord doesn’t get paid rent on the due date. Yet, they’d be the very same ones to call when something needs repair, and want it done now. Well, I suppose I could always go and get some cowrie shells to pay for the repairs, couldn’t I?

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