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I am a landlord, of the bricks-and-mortar variety, and have been for a little while now. The journey has been quite interesting, sometimes exhilirating and sometimes downright frustrating. The antics of tenants – you’ve got to experience it to believe it. I’ve often said to myself, “i must write a book about my experiences”, but of course it always seems a daunting task. I haven’t even kept a diary-its all in my head. But of course the older I get, the more distant the memory becomes and details fade….

Whilst I’ve been aware of blogging for a while now, I’ve never really taken notice. Yes, yes, yes, I know…. how could I not, in this day and age of e-life and e-living, and for one who is an engineer by profession…. Its never too late though, is it? I recently attended an event that has changed my outlook, and made me decide to just get on with it.

So, come enjoy with me the highs and lows of being a landlord.

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    1. AnneOrchard says

      Welcome to the world of blogging, Tumi! I bet you'll enjoy it – I do.

      Anne Orchard
      Author 'Their Cancer – Your Journey'

    2. Blackflash says

      Thanks Anne. I'm sure I will. Finding the time at the mo is just a bit challenging, what with all the goings on. But persevere I will.

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