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Tories urge tenant benefit change

Yes, now the tories are on to it! and about time too.

The BBC has has the story which says: Automatic direct payments of housing benefits to private tenants in England should be stopped, the Tories say.”
And it goes on further:
The Conservatives want to allow tenants to choose whether to have benefits paid directly to the landlord or maintain responsibility for passing on rent payments themselves.
At the national conference for homeless charity Crisis, shadow housing minister Grant Shapps said: “Fearful that rent money may never be paid, some landlords routinely include the words NO HB in their ads, further restricting the supply of housing for affordable rent.
“At the same time some of the most chaotic tenants have struggled to manage their finances, meaning that the cash is already spent by rent pay day.
“It strikes me that the current situation is bad for everyone and I can see no reason why people on Local Housing Allowance shouldn’t enjoy the freedom to have their Housing Benefit paid direct to their landlord. Our proposal will destigmatise the system and increase the amount of affordable homes available.

Hear! Hear.  Freedom of choice was taken away from tenants by the government that insists on being a nanny state. Hopefully sanity will prevail and freedom of choice will be restored, and with it, restore confidence in the benefits system which has seen landlords lose money hand over fist.

Guess what?
The government say the new system is fairer and simpler than the one it replaced but are beginning a review of the system later in the year

Government still insists its a great system. But of course they would. Afterall, they’ve spent taxpayers money to create the “flagship” system, and can’t be seen to be backing down or doing a U-turn. It might be fairer in terms of rent calculations, and simpler to implement for the councils, but the insistence on paying the HB to tenant in all but a few cases stinks. I bet you none of these law makers would ever rent to someone on HB, as they know the implications. No rent for 8 weeks, tough. Can’t claim it back from someone with no assets, can they? The hypocrisy of it all. How on earth do they expect landlords’ businesses to survive in such a situation beats me. But then again, we all know what planet they live on …. gravy train called Westminster. That, explains it all.

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    1. Jonathan says

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