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Tenant Shenanigans to postpone eviction

Continuing the saga of my tenant Mrs F, who is due to be evicted on Thursday … I was just about to call the police to arrange for assistance on an if-needed basis, when the phone rang. It was the solicitors acting for Mrs F. They claimed that she would be moving out, but the property she was moving into was not ready, and asked if I could give her another week before moving. My response was a swift and unequivocal, NO. The solicitor tried again, and put the question slighlty diferently, and the answer was still No, this time I explained that her client, my soon to be ex-tenant, had completely used up all the goodwill that was available to her, and I was not prepared to suffer another week of no rental income. Eventually, solicitor rang off, and I put down the phone, relieved that I had not lost my temper.

The cheek of it! This is the same tactic that this tenant had used all along – promise to pay tomorrow, next week, the following week, next month …… endless. Give her due credit for trying though! Tenacious in her duplicity. With no proof of where she was moving to, what state the place was in, nothing at all, the solicitor expected me to give Mrs F leave to remain past the eviction date!! And these are solicitors for goodness sake, who are supposed to be versed in housing law??Maybe they are not. Whatever!

No, I’ve had enough of being mucked about by Mrs F. Enough is enough. Roll on Thursday.

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