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President Barack Obama gets locked out of White House!

I picked this off the newswire just now ….. the headlines compelled me to have a look at the item. TheĀ  question that came to mind immediately was “How could the President of the United States, Barack Obama, be locked out of the White House?”. How could that be allowed to happen?

Does he pay rent? Is he in rent arrears? That of course is unimaginable, but hey, we landlords have rent on the brain don’t we?

Apparently, the President had just returned from a 5-day trip to Latin America. The trip must have gone well, as he is seen whistling as he walks toward a pair of french doors that would have given him access to the Oval Office. Finding it locked, he then carried on further along to another set of doors, which …. yes, were open and enabled him to gain access.

The landlord in me couldn’t help wondering what he would have done if the second set of doors were locked. Check his pocket to see if he had keys? I don’t suppose he has a set of keys, or does he? Would he have rung the landlord …. errr, now who is the owner of the White House? Answers on a e-card please, as I’d like to know.

For a minute there, I thought Mr President had been evicted from the White House …. ah, now that, would be a very interesting story indeed. As it is, all we know is, someone forgot to leave the door open for Mr President.

All’s well that ends well.

Source: Pete Kenworthy of Newsnet5

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