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My MP replies to CGT Reform Campaign email

I was rather quite surprised when an email dropped into my inbox from Andrew Lansley, my Member of Parliament, in response to the email I sent him as part of the NLA campaign. Well, he’s in my good books for bothering to send a reply, even though it might have been automated. At least he bothered to do so.

Here it is ….

alansley reply to NLA CGT reform campaign email

A lot of the time, these responses are Whitehall crafted, and say nothing with lots of words. Maybe this one is different? I say that because of one sentence¬† in the second paragraph which I have highlighted, the emphasis being on the “generous exemptions for entrepreneurial business activities“.

Whilst that is encouraging and gives one a bit of hope, the email completely fails to indicate whether or not landlords and lettings fall into the “business activities” category. That, afterall, is what the campaign is all about. That is the question that needs to be answered.

Good words, dear MP and well chosen, and I, together with fellow landlords up and down the country, wait with trepidation, to the answer to be given us on 22 June 2010.

If this Government is anywhere near keen to work with Landlords in the Private Rented Sector (PRS), then it needs to listen. Local councils have been left in positions where they cannot meet the housing needs of the thousands of people on waiting lists for council houses, and there aren’t the funds to build what is necessary. You need the PRS. Whilst we appreciate your decision not to burden us with yet more red tape, we ask you to help us to help you, to keep the economy growing whilst you try to plug the hole in it.

Can any other landlord who participated in this campaign indicate if they’ve received a response or acknowledgement from their MP to their email?

Yours truly


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