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Law and Justice – still definitely not the same thing

Not the best way to start a new week, but there you go – it happens.

I sent a form N325 (warrant for possession) to the court on 14/12/09 by royal mail first class recorded delivery. I telephoned the bailiffs office on15/12/09, but the request had not arrived. It eventually arrived on thursday 17/12/09, 3 days after it was posted. Wow! now that, dear Royal Snail Mail, is what I call first class service. And I had the priviledge of paying extra for it too. I might as well not have bothered and just popped it in the post as normal and hoped for the best … on a wing and a prayer.

Reminds me of another incidence with royal mail in October when I sent a letter by Special delivery, paid £5.40 for the service that guaranteed the letter would be delivered by 1pm the next day. You know what I am about to say don’t you?. The said letter did not arrive before 1pm. So, I’m jumping up and down, making phone calls to each and every royal mail customer service number I could find, but could they help, oh no! The best the staff could do was tell me that it was on its way to be delivered, the postman must have been delayed, apologies etc.etc.What the heck is an apology going to do? Is that what I paid extra for? What about the repercussions of the letter not getting to its destination on time? And they get away with it too because frankly, there’s nothing in the system that enables one to take Royal Snail Mail to task for its sloppiness and inefficiencies. I’ve made complaints a number of times already, on other cases, and each time it takes forever to get anything done, and then the classic response is “its been so long” that they can’t trace the postman in question, or the whatever other thing needs tracing, and so apologise. Whose fault was it that it took so long? definitely not mine. But who bears the repercussion? yours truly. I’d rather pay more for a service that will be given, than this apology of a service we seem to have now. No offence to any postie out there – a lot of you guys and gals are doing a good job (I’ve got two postie tenants btw). The system just stinks.

Anyway, back to the bailiff. So I ask when the warrant will be executed, and was told mid to end January 2010. That of course goes down well-not! red rag to a bull I nearly hit the roof, but I reign in my temper and ask why, only to be told the bailiff was now on holiday and won’t be back until 4/01/10 and the defendant has to be given at least 2 weeks notice. So, still holding my temper (with some difficulty I might add), I ask “why did bailiff not give notice on 17/12/09 then?” the reply came back “because she went on holiday on 17/12/09″. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!! I managed a short but polite rant, apologised to the lady at the end of the phone for the rant, and wished her a merry christmas through gritted teeth.

So, between the acts of my errant Tenant, aided and abbetted by the County Court System, and in connivance with Royal Snail Mail, I am about to lose another month’s rent. Not good tidings of joy is it!

And the gofmint calls this an “accelerated possession process”!! Pleeeeeeeeeease, give me a break. There is Law and there is Justice, but when will the two meet?? Hopefully sometime in my lifetime-and they had better hurry……

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    1. Claire says

      Hi Tumi! We had a similar problem. Sent section 21 by recorded delivery. Got sent the letter back and someone had stuck a leable with a redirection address to a bed center on an industrial estate – who had then stapled there business card to it and sent back to us! I asked royal mail , why if they weren't getting a signature from the tenants I addressed the letter to, they didn't simply return to my return address – I got 6 first class stamps as way of apology when I now have the critters in there another month. GRRRR. 6 first class stamps won't cover the rent if they now fail to pay again. So instead of out in Jan – out in Feb. Cannot wait. Oh it feels good to rant. are you still in AQS? x Claire

    2. GrumpyLandlord says

      Hi Claire. I'm of the opinion that what we are experiencing with royal snail mail and the justice system is a concerted and co-ordinated effort by the system to bring landlords down at all costs. But, we will overcome! Oh no-AQS and I parted ways over 6 months ago, not amicably, but that's another story in itself.

    3. Richard Reed says

      @ Claire,
      Best approach: Send 2 copies of the notice from 2 different post offices, and get a FREE certificate's of postage from the PO's. Remember that the tenant's may be expecting a notice so may just refuse to sign for a recorded delivery letter; but if sending a notice by recorded delivery, better to use a handwritten address, and an unusal size/coloured envelope (rather than something that looks like the bog-standard unpaid bill/debt collector's letter).

      @ GrumpyLandlord,

      Are you havensRus on the LLZ or singing-pig forums?


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