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Law and Justice – Definitely not the same thing

A couple of weeks ago, I was on my way to Court for a Possession Hearing. I was listening to Radio 2 (as you do), and Terry Wogan (I will miss him) commented that Law & Justice were not the same. This was said after a track (can’t remember the artist) that contained words to that effect. I thought how apt it was, considering my destination. Anyway, I came out of the hearing completely convinced, yet again, that Law and Justice DEFINITELY are not the same in this country. This was a S21 case-judge had given tenant 6 weeks to vacate – the maximum time the law allows. I challenged this and requested a variation. But, apparently, the defendant had to be given 14 days notice, and it had to be a hearing, and of course taking all the time into consideration, the hearing date was barely 2 weeks from possession date. I wasn’t expecting the Judge to vary the order or bring it any closer, but I must admit, it still hit me in the gut when the appeal was dismissed.

So why am I going on about this … because I’ve just come off the phone and I’m absolutely livid that a solicitor is advising her client, the subject of this hearing, to stay put in the property and not leave on the date possession is supposed to be given. She had been trying to negotiate for her client to remain in the property based on more futile promises to pay, and I said no, I would be checking her out on due date. This tenant had made so many promises to pay and not paid, that it if she said to me that the sun was shining, I’d have to go check myself. She even lied to the Judge at the hearing, saying she was expecting some money in and would clear the arrears by last week. Anyway, then Solicitor said I couldn’t just turn up and expect her to leave, that I’d have to go back to court. At which point I interrupted and asked her point blank if she was advising her client not to vacate. Guess what, after much prevarication, and me insistently asking the question, her answer was yes, that’s her advice to her client. She then proceeded to lecture me on the court process – just as if I didn’t already know that the court process stinks anyway. Needless to say, I completely lost whatever cool I had left at that point, told her conversation was over and cut off the call. What blooming cheek. I don’t normally do that, that is put the phone down on people, but this woman incensed me something terrible. And a solicitor at that. I’m just glad I’m not her client.

Anyway, I’m going to make a cup of tea, then continue with the task I was so rudely interrupted from, which is ….. chasing rent again … and just hope the day gets better than this.

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