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First Tenant Eviction of 2010

Whilst its not the sort of thing to start the new year with, it is never-the-less quite appropriate. A bit of “out with the old and in with the new” theme-if you see what I mean. Did anyone listen to Jeremy Vine show on 24-12-09? It was based on that theme… good show Jeremy!

Anyway, the ongoing case with my errant tenant Mrs F, seems to be coming to its inevitable conclusion. During the lull between christmas and new year, a white envelope dropped in to my letter box postmarked from one of the county courts in Lincolnshire. That stumped me a bit, cos I wasn’t expecting any missives from that particular court. It turns out however to be the Notice of Appointment, for the Bailliff to evict Mrs F, who lives in another Lincs town some 20 odd miles away-whose story you already know. The court hearing had taken place in a different court some 15 miles from where the property is located. Are you confused? yeah, so was I. It would seem that the property is located in a town that does not have its own county court, and sits nearly half way between two other towns that do and happen to have county courts that are part of the same circuit. OK. enough of that…

So, having opened the envelope, a bit warily, and finding the Notice of Appointment, the whoop of delight I gave could be heard 50 miles away. 14th January 2010 is the day its all going to happen. I like to think that perhaps my call to the first court’s Bailiff office had had some impact and someone decided to do something positive. All I can say is that it was a welcome, if belated, christmas present-thank you. I duly filled in the reply slip, but waited till today to send it. Why?

I figured that having been helped along the way by no-win-no-fee scumbag solicitors who advised my client to ignore the possession order, it is possible we might have problems when the Bailiff attends. I can just imagine Mrs F sitting in and saying “I’m not going. You are going to have to carry me out of here“. So first thing this morning, I called the Bailiff’s office at the first court and spoke to the Manager. She was quite helpful and said she would inform the actual Bailiff who would be attending the eviction. And she did! Not quite an hour afterwards, I got a call from the attending Bailiff – from the other court – and we had a chat about my concerns and what preventative measures to put in place. And that would involve the Police!!

Sad really. But a necessary step. This year, I will not be taking any prisoners .. so to speak. So, I start as I intend to carry on. Get rid of the old and bring in the new.

Watch out! Grumpy is on the war path……..

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