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a relatively quiet day

Today has been relatively quiet. Whilst there has been no major disaster, there has still been the odd minor irritations. Just over a week ago, in preparation for moving a new tenant into a flat, the boiler was serviced and the gas safety certificate issued. one week later, the tenant moves in, and all seems fine. Then on saturday, the tenant calls to report that the boiler wasn’t working, and claimed it hadn’t worked since he moved in. Now, I was at the premises when the service/certification was done, and knew the boiler was working. Anyhow, we send the Gas Safe plumber round on saturday, he couldn’t fix it, then he went back on monday and talked it through with the boiler manufacturer, and worked out that the pcb thingy in it  has now gone kaput, and without it, the boiler ain’t gonna work. And guess what, that little board of tricks will set me back a nice and tidy sum of £386, another unexpected expense. I’m in two minds as to whether or not the tenant caused the damage or it was just a coincidence. The jury is out on that one. Boilers are a rip off, there’s always something not right with them, particularly those combis!!

With this and a leak here, a repair there, and what not, it does sometimes feel as if the bank account is just a conduit, you know. Funds come in one end, and straight out the other, with hardly a pause to sit and be admired.

Talking about water leaks reminded me of a message a tenant left for us at the end of last week. She wants a water meter fitted, and Anglian water sent their surveyor round to check the best location for it. Anyhow, they’ve decided it needs to go somewhere in the kitchen that requires removal of some of the kitchen units and what not, so she calls and says could we send someone round, to remove the said units, and then put them back etc. LOL! What a cheek! Its not as if there has been a damage or any such thing, but for her convenience. Needless to say I haven’t even bothered to reply.

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