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Tenant Absconds and Sets Booby Trap

Just when I think that everything is going well, I get the news that a tenant has absconded over the weekend. What the news bearer does not know is that this tenant owes me two months rent. It is not the news I want to hear, particularly as we had an incident recently with same tenant, where the police kicked in the front upvc double glazed door, and causing damage that requires a replacement door. Added to that, because she had been a good tenant up until December when things began to fall apart, I had been working with her to get her back on track.


police kicked in front door of propertyIt takes me all of thirty seconds for the implications of this piece of news to run through my mind, and to reach a swift conclusion. Find her, get her to surrender the property properly, and get the property re-let asap. Easier said than done. Continued…

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    President Barack Obama gets locked out of White House!

    I picked this off the newswire just now ….. the headlines compelled me to have a look at the item. The  question that came to mind immediately was “How could the President of the United States, Barack Obama, be locked out of the White House?”. How could that be allowed to happen?

    Does he pay rent? Is he in rent arrears? That of course is unimaginable, but hey, we landlords have rent on the brain don’t we?

    Apparently, the President had just returned from a 5-day trip to Latin America. The trip must have gone well, as he is seen whistling as he walks toward a pair of french doors that would have given him access to the Oval Office. Finding it locked, he then carried on further along to another set of doors, which …. yes, were open and enabled him to gain access.

    The landlord in me couldn’t help wondering what he would have done if the second set of doors were locked. Check his pocket to see if he had keys? I don’t suppose he has a set of keys, or does he? Would he have rung the landlord …. errr, now who is the owner of the White House? Answers on a e-card please, as I’d like to know.

    For a minute there, I thought Mr President had been evicted from the White House …. ah, now that, would be a very interesting story indeed. As it is, all we know is, someone forgot to leave the door open for Mr President.

    All’s well that ends well.

    Source: Pete Kenworthy of Newsnet5

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      Warmfront scheme closes temporarily

      The Warm Front Scheme is a Government funded project which installs insulation and heating measures in homes, where oil central heating or alternative low carbon technologies are recommended. Many home owners and landlords have taken advantage of the loans available to upgrade draught-proofing, cavity wall insulation and other measures to aid energy efficiency in the home.

      Warm Front has issued a statement that funding for this year has now been fully allocated due to high levels of demand for the scheme. As a result they are no longer able to accept new applications for the scheme in this financial year.

      This is only a temporary measure. The scheme will accept new applications at a given date after 1 April 2011 when a new budget is in place.

      All existing applications to Warm Front that have been approved will be honored and, as far as possible, works will be completed by the end of March 2011. All existing installations will continue to be serviced for two years from installation through the aftercare service provided by Warmsure. This is good news for the landlord who’s tenant(s) have approved applications.

      If you have made an application to Warm Front recently and not heard back yet, then you will need to reapply when the scheme is given new funding in April 2011. Landlords should make a note to remind their tenants who are eligible and assist them to submit their applications.

      Further  information and updates on when the Warm Front scheme will resume can be found on  the website.

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        Landlords suffer as Court backlog results in delays in issuing possession orders

        Evidence coming through from some courts in the Eastern region is that cases are taking longer to handle and the paperwork is taking weeks to be sent out after judgement is given.

        I was in court on 4th January 2011 for a Section 8 Possession hearing. After listening to the feeble excuses being given by the Tenant’s representatives, the Judge made a possession order for 21 days. Which means the tenant should hand over possession on or before 25th January 2011.

        Usually, both parties should receive copies of the Court order within 7 days of the hearing, but as I write this, said court order has still not left the court office. I have telephoned every week, and been promised a call back, which has never happened.

        During one of the calls, I was told that the court office had a backlog of nearly Continued…

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          Rise in Tenants having Problems Paying Rent

          Its official – that increasing numbers of tenants appear to be struggling to make rental payments.

          According to latest research from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) in the fourth quarter 2010, 40 per cent of ARLA members reported an increase in tenants struggling to meet rental payments in the preceding six months – a rise from 35.9 per cent in Q3 2010.

          This is the first time in 18 months, that the number has increased, perhaps indicating that job losses and pay cuts are beginning to take effect, and resulting in tenants having financial difficulties.

          The situation was least noticeable in central London, where just under a third (27.9%) of ARLA members reported an increase, compared Continued…

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            UK Property Landlord gets back £90,000 owed by rogue tenant

            Not very often does one hear a good news story when it comes to Landlords. But I heard one good story recently, one that gives honest Landlords everywhere, the hope that justice will prevail, and that rogue tenants do get their come-uppance.

            According to Property Community,  a London landlord assisted by Landlord Action (LA), a Tenant Eviction company, was able to recover about £92,000 worth of rent arrears owed to her by a rogue tenant… that’s some arrears!! It is said to be the largest case that LA have been instructed on since their inception in 1999.

            When Vanessa Headley let out her penthouse apartment in the prestigious Putney Wharf Tower in London five years ago, she immediately fell foul of a rogue tenant who failed to pay the rent from the outset, despite being served notice and making numerous promises of payment. Continued…

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              Ex-tenant traced and gets surprise visit

              Back in August, I got a telephone call from my lettings assistant telling me that one of our tenants has done a runner. She in turn had got the alert from one of our other tenants on the same street, who happened to have walked past the property in question and noticed the curtains were gone, looked through the window and saw that the furniture had gone.

              It is good to know that our tenants are also on the lookout for us  :-)


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                Another attachment of earnings obtained

                After the stress of last week, I was not exactly looking forward to this week.

                But, as always, I approach the new week with some level of optimism. You might find that hard to believe, but it is so. No point behaving like “Eeyore” even before the week starts, is there.

                Anyway, we get to opening the post and it turns out to be quite a mixed bag. However, there was one piece of paper that brought a smile to my face and set the mood for the week. That piece of paper is an Attachment of Earnings Order granted by Boston County Court against an ex-tenant that was evicted. Continued…

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                  What a Week that was …..

                  A week can sometimes feel like a year or more, and this week just gone was one of those. As always, I’m full of the greatest optimism that all will go well, and get into the right frame of mind. Something to do with this “you can’t achieve what your mind cannot conceive” thing.

                  On Monday, following a protracted referencing process, I agree that a prospective tenant could move in, and she wanted to move in Friday. Then a day or so later, I agree that another tenant could move in move into another property, and all of a sudden, there’s a mountain of paperwork to do. Yikes. The rest of the week Continued…

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                    Has LibDem Housing Policies fallen by the wayside?

                    From time to time, I come across interesting articles by fellow landlords. I found one earlier today, and the title piqued my interest because it had “lib-dem” in it. Anything with that phrase catches my attention.

                    Propertynewshound asks a very pertinent question – Whatever happened to Lib-Dem Housing Policies?

                    He says:

                    “My view of the coalition government is that, for good or bad, it is a one-sided affair. Looking at its announcements in isolation, without reflecting on who is involved, you may reasonably assume it is a ‘pure’ Conservative administration.

                    But if there is one policy where the Lib Dems have not rolled over completely, it is housing. Continued…

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